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Chef Giulia

Vegetarian/Vegan Personal Chef, Cooking Instructor and Food Coach

As a personal chef, I develop customized menus for discerning, time-pressed clients and provide delicious meals prepared from fresh ingredients in the safety of their own kitchens.

As a cooking instructor, I teach clients to plan and cook healthful meals.

As a food coach, I help clients transition to a new foods and preparation techniques.

Medically-restricted diets (diabetic, allergic, low sodium, low fat, ingredient restrictions) accommodated.

My clients are accustomed to eating vegetarian and vegan foods or various cuisine styles and seasonings (African, Asian, Indian, Mediterranean/European, Middle Eastern, Southwestern/Mexican). They are willing to try new foods, seasonings, tastes, and textures.

Contact me for an initial no obligation consultation to determine if Chef Giulia is right for you.

Serving Hudson, Stow and surrounding communities
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